• Introduction
    Why is tasting wine so much fun while talking about it is so intimidating?
    Well, it's about to get a whole lot easier.
    The site designed by experts and wine novices that helps you easily define your wine style in just a few clicks.

    Simply click the tabs on the right to select your preference for each essential component found in every wine. Each has a range of intensity. By identifying your preferences you'll be building your own wine Array. Once it's complete you'll have a clear description of your wine style and a new vocabulary to describe it.

    Then check out the wines hand selected by our expert sommeliers that exactly fit your tastes.
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  • Fruit


    Of course wine tastes like fruit, but let’s focus on ripeness. What season of fruit sounds appealing? It ranges from the just-ripe tartness of Spring, to the riper tastes of Summer to the intensity of late Fall dried fruits, jams and pies. Once you see what you want, you’re set to move on to Acidity...
    • 1
      spring to mid summer

      close to ripe

      green, tart & young

      a crack of fresh fruit skins
    • 2
      late summer

      fully ripe

      succulent, warm & perfumed

      even a bit exotic
    • 3
      late autumn

      preserved fruit intensity

      dried, jammy or baked

      mature beyond ripe
  • Acidity


    This is more a feeling than taste. The acidity in wine stimulates your palate and leaves a tingling, mouth- watering sensation. Each of us has a comfort range of acidity. Changing it is like adding cream to your coffee or squeezing lemon into tea. Calm down your wine or wake it up. You’ll feel the difference even after the wine has washed away.
    • 1
      no sharp edges

      nothing biting or tingling

      tender, mellow and relaxed

      finishes quietly
    • 2

      lifting weight off the palate

      awake, clean & alive

      a clear, bright something about it
    • 3
      tingles with obvious edges

      persistently mouthwatering

      sharp, crisp or nervous

      spiked with citrus
  • Body


    Thinking texture, weight, density & depth, ask yourself, “How full does the wine feel?” At one extreme is the beauty of thin, lean wines that won’t cover the fine mineral sensations. Powerhouse wines at the other end saturate your palate like a big, heavy blanket. You have four options here to find the perfect heft. How’s your wine sound so far?
    • 1
      shy and reserved

      makes way for other sensations

      light, lean & delicate

      hides nothing
    • 2

      textural but not overblown

      round, generous & supple

      between thick & thin
    • 3
      rich and intense

      very full texture with real weight

      robust, voluptuous & plump

      a deep wine with plenty of guts
    • 4
      the heavy weight

      densely mouthcoating

      massive, saturated & powerful

      thick or even chewy
  • Tannin


    Tannin is the drying sensation that leaves your teeth and tongue feeling puckered or even dusty. Some prefer very little tannin so the wine is smooth and easy. But the higher the intensity the more it anchors the wine to your palate and helps to handle rich foods. Imagine the grip and feeling left from over-brewed tea. It certainly can linger, so determine what would feel best...
    • 1
      soft feeling & silken

      finishes with a caress

      easy, slick & accessible

      the pleasure of pure juice
    • 2
      a bit of grip in the finish

      a wine with some friction

      restrained, structured & tightened

      a combo of plush and gritty
    • 3
      very firm and gripping

      contracting even before the finish

      coarse, tight or puckering

      seizes the entire palate
  • Sugar


    The total sugar left in a wine is what defines it as ‘dry’. It differs from the drying effects of tannins, which feels constricting. Lets say this ‘dry’ is how raw or glazed the wine feels as well. Sugar is the charming enhancement that sweetens the fruit and coats the palate. It can soothe your mouth from the bitter, aggressive tones. A fully dry wine feels clear while a lot of sugar remaining makes it quite sticky and rich. Charm your wine.
    • 1
      not sweet at all

      reveals a pleasant bitterness

      bone-dry, mineral & bare

      transparent to the core of the wine
    • 2
      bit of something sweet

      an enriched balance of sweetness

      near-dry, enhanced or glazed

      a light sense of nectar
    • 3
      overtly sweet

      a tactile sense of sugar

      honeyed, sticky or candied

      a coating that’s meant to last
  • Grape


    Now your preferences of taste & texture are set. See your array below. It will match wines made from many different grapes from different regions, wine makers and vintages! Choose red or white. Opt for the familiar or try something unknown. You can’t go wrong here. Ahead are the wines our sommeliers have chosen specifically for your Array.



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  • Body
  • Tannin
  • Sugar

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